Chickpea Sandwich


Not your regular tuna sandwich


The tuna in this sandwich was substituted with you guessed it chickpeas!

Within the last few of months, seven to be exact,  I have ventured along the path from vegetarian, pescetarian and now being fully vegan. Through trials and tribulations, I have come up with some very healthy vegan meals with help and guidance from (Pierre)
.  I would love to share these new recipes and the knowledge that I acquired with you on my journey.

Let’s get into the anatomy of this sandwich because it is amazing.


I started off with a whole wheat multi-grain bread which was toasted over medium heat using avocado oil until golden brown.  Next, we build the sandwich.  I added homemade vegan avocado mayo, which was so delicious.  Take a slice of bread and form a ring with kale leaves to hold in the delicious chickpea salad. Then add slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, red and onions. The other slice of bread is not to be forgotten and add a little sriracha.  It’s optional but enhances the flavor profile dramatically.

It was delicious. If you don’t believe me try it out for yourself.

Rugelach Cookie

Rugelach Cookies


My Family discovered this Rugelach cookie and we instantly fell in love. It’s remained a family favorite ever since. I’m not sure if it’s the buttery sugary sweetness or the gooey middle, but something has us devouring them every chance we get. We can never have just one at a time, usually, it’s  cookies by the handful! My mom, my aunt, my cousin and I would go to the store and get two large tubs; each a mix of raspberry and chocolate.

Now all grown up with expanding culinary skills; my mom sought out a recipe and then challenged me to make them myself! I mean if you’re going to do a pastry that is so loved, the only thing I can think is – go big or go home, right? That’s exactly what I did!! To the eager stomachs of my family members, these tasted even better than the ones we had grown up buying and decidedly fresher. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and comment below with your results.


Blackened salmon tacos


This recipe was so good and fun to make. I loved it. Initially, I intended to make this meal with shrimp but since my cousin has a shellfish allergy, I couldn’t. I changed the recipe to salmon. This decision resulted in some amazingly delicious tacos.

I started off with a salsa but not your normal type of salsa this salsa had pineapple in it.You might think pineapple salsa? But it was the perfect accompaniment. It has the right amount of zing, and sweetness to bring out the flavors in the salmon with the jerk seasoning and it is so good!.

To build the taco, I added plain coleslaw on the bottom of a lightly toasted tortilla. While it was cooking I cooked the salmon in the oven with some jerk seasoning and bake until well done. It’s a delicious recipe with bright sunny crunch. Give it a try it and comment below.

Focaccia bread

Focaccia Bread


This savory Italian bread is incredible! I love making fresh bread, and with this dough being very similar to pizza, which I love, making this dish was even more enjoyable. Focaccia is usually drizzled with a little olive oil, sea salt, and maybe some rosemary.  


But it is also another one of those versatile classics; there is so much to be done with a pan of focaccia! I wanted to include the simple, original ingredients and then develop the flavor profile even further by adding other fresh ingredients. Using a quality extra virgin olive oil certainly makes a difference here because the product is so straightforward in the first place. The more robust flavor of an extra virgin olive oil enhances the other ingredients. I took it a step further and infused some other flavors into the oil by heating them together. This made such a big difference!


And as I mentioned about the versatility of this recipe, all kinds of ingredients can top the focaccia. Personally, I used crab meat and olives, but use whatever calls to you! Freshly shredded cheese or roasted red peppers…. Comment below with ingredients you want to try with this focaccia.





This sweet cinnamon and sugar-coated Mexican treat is one of my all time favorites. Not because cinnamon is the main flavor in it.  It’s always ironic for people when they find out my name is Synnamon. Then they find out that I went to Johnson and Wales, a culinary school, to learn more about culinary and baking and pastry arts. It also makes me smile.


This sweet treat is my favorite because it reminds me of my childhood. It makes me happy and warm. So naturally I enjoyed every minute of making it and even more while eating them all! My mom even complained that I didn’t save a single one for her!18

From making the pat a choux*, an egg based dough that is made on the stove. Then immediately into hot frying oil. Finally I bathe every inch of the little fried bit of goodness in a cinnamon sugar mix. Then pop it in your mouth and enjoy!


This little treat was a little blast from the past when I was in high school in culinary class and need a quick pick me up. Or a couple of months ago when I was in college baking my life away making similar product like doughnuts and other pastries. These sweet and crunchy treats are sure to put a smile on even the meanest persons face!21

*Beat air into the dough while evaporating the liquid. Then slowly add the eggs into the cooked dough until fully incorporated to create a ball of dough so that when it is cooked it can make a perfect hollow golden light shell.